Design Like Nature

Water Design

Plan like human culture

Our designer in Nagpur doesn't know what to do. How to design a system which will give 871 liters of water every day, at no labor costs. He is thinking about scale, a huge system, which takes care of liters water a year, which he can build one on the edge off the city every year. Than the city can keep up with the demand. 

cooking water (l)
extra drinking water needed on top off previous day (liters)
flushing water (l)
washing water (l)

Design like nature

"No", says a voice in Tymus sleep, "You can design one, you just do not know how yet". There are a zillion water innovations on the planet, you 'just' have to connect the dots to once show it is possible to... 

Catch 8709 liters of rain water and the ability to keep on generating from that 871 liters of Drinking water, 1742 liters Cooking water, 2613 liters of Washing water and 3483 liters of Flushing water. 

"Now... where are those innovations?"